S H O R T  A N D  S W E E T
If you are interested in booking Chicago Wedding Candy Buffet, please ensure:

  • we are available by reviewing our calendar below
  • have a minimum of 65 guests
  • your venue is located in Chicago or within our delivery area
  • you are ready to submit your booking form

We need a minimum of 4 weeks notice to create your candy buffet.  Once you have obtained venue approval, please use the "I'm Ready to Book" link below to provide your information - click below to open and print the form, fill it out, and return it via fax to 773.442.0611 or scan it and email it to us at donnag@chicagoweddingcandybuffet.com.
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We are not accepting any events or inquiries at this time. We will reopen
 November 2016


In order to secure your date, we suggest that you email us your event information including date, venue, and approximate guest count so we can block it off for you. Please print and fill out our booking form (located above) and attach it to your date request if you are ready to book.


If your date is taken, please let us know - many times we are able to coordinate additional events if we can work out delivery and removal with our current bookings.